1 of 2 men accused in Chesapeake woman’s death during VB robbery takes plea deal

1 of 2 men accused in Chesapeake woman's death during VB robbery takes plea deal

One of two Chesapeake men accused of murdering a woman during a robbery in Virginia Beach has taken a plea deal.

Michael White pleaded guilty to murder and several other charges. In exchange, gets a cap of no more than 50 years in prison.


First degree murder charge withdrawn for 2021 Harris Teeter shooting

Heather Eckstine

11:40 AM, May 23, 2023

The Commonwealth’s Attorney said was ready to provide that White and his brother Darius robbed Steve and Annie Smith at the Harris Teeter gas pumps on Independence Boulevard in December 2021.

Prosecutors said during the robbery, Darius shot Annie Smith three times in the chest. She died at the scene.

VB Haygood Shopping Center homicide (December 13) 2.jpg


Woman killed in apparent attempted robbery at Virginia Beach shopping center

Web Staff

6:45 PM, Dec 13, 2021

Darius White’s cases ended in a mistrial last month, but the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office said it’s planning to retry the case.

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