2 MSU students wounded in mass shooting intend to sue university

2 MSU students wounded in mass shooting intend to sue university

Two  are planning to sue the school after they were wounded in February’s  on campus.

Attorneys for students Nate Statly and Troy Forbush have notified the university of their intent to take negligence claims to court and argue the university failed to protect the students.

One of the attorneys, Mick Grewal, told Scripps News a lawsuit has not been filed yet. 

 shot the two students in a classroom in Berkey Hall.

Lawyers say Statly has “sustained severe and permanent injuries” and can’t speak, walk or eat solid foods, while Forbush, shot in the chest, is still suffering from lung problems.

Legal filings claim the building where they were shot wasn’t safe and that the gunman had easy access.

The lawyers said Michigan State lacked door locks across campus that would allow classrooms to be locked from the inside, and that the campus did not have an adequate video surveillance system.

In a statement, MSU Spokesperson Dan Olsen said: “MSU has been engaged in conversations with the families of those we lost and those injured to identify ways to provide ongoing support, and we are committed to keeping those lines of communication open.”

The university  it has taken steps to bolster campus safety by strengthening its alert systems and installing door locks in classrooms, among other security steps.

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