90-year-old women complete the Missoula Half Marathon

90-year-old women complete the Missoula Half Marathon

MISSOULA – Since she was 77, Myrtle Miller has completed the Missoula Half Marathon every year it’s been held.

She’s completed 11 total races and will not let anything hold her back from more.

Miller has endured three shoulder surgeries, a mid-back compression fracture, plantar fasciitis, and even was pronounced clinically dead.

“I had [a] pulmonary embolism and my heart stopped for four minutes in November of 2021,” she told MTN News.

After her life-threatening situation, Miller was determined to get back in walking shape.
She went through a rehabilitation program so she could finish the Missoula Half Marathon with her son Brian Miller. She enjoys getting to walk in these races with him.

The half marathon is also a family event for Dollie Kelly whose family has a history of being in the outdoors and getting active.

They love to spend time hiking together and decided to walk the half marathon last year to honor a few of their relatives who sadly passed away.

This year, they finished the race again.

“There were 11 of us that walked together and to sort of celebrate my doing it,” Kelly said.

The family crossed the finish line linked arm in arm.

“Oh, it was just out of this world,” Kelly shared. “I mean, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry because I’m a real crybaby and I think I made it.”

Daughter Leslie Murphy stood proudly next to her mom after the race.

Kelly shared her appreciation for the support of her family.

She also expressed her gratitude for the throughout the course.

Both 90-year-old women attribute their success in walking half marathons to a healthy diet, positive attitude, and dedication to walking every day.

As the saying goes, “It’s never too late to start!”

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