After learning about bullied nine-year-old, NYPD gives him NYC tour

After learning about bullied nine-year-old, NYPD gives him NYC tour

NEW YORK, NY (WABC) — Members of the NYPD rolled out the red carpet for nine-year-old Michael Martinez and offered him the ultimate tour of the Big Apple. Michael started off the trip in classic New York style with a slice of pizza.

“We never had New York pizza in my life and that’s the best pizza ever!” said Michael.

Michael, who has cerebral palsy, was invited to the city after a bully pushed him from his wheelchair when he showed up at school dressed as a police officer on career day. After organizations heard about what happened, they flew Michael and his mom up from Houston.

“To hear about Michael’s story, about how he was bullied in Houston, Texas… us officers in New York [wanted] to fly him out to show Michael and his family how important he is to the law enforcement community,” said an NYPD spokesperson.

Michael’s mom, Angie Martinez, says special trips like this mean the world to her son and family, but wishes her son didn’t have to deal with bullies because he’s different.

“Special needs kids go through a lot and they don’t need to go through anything more than what they need to,” she said. “Michael was born at 27 weeks, so he already went through enough challenges in life.”

Michael got a tour of the city with VIP access to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, City Hall and, of course, police headquarters!

“This is the best day ever!” said Michael during his tour.

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