Anonymous woman donates school supply money to Chesapeake mother after seeing News 3 report

Anonymous woman donates school supply money to Chesapeake mother after seeing News 3 report

Last month, Problem Solver Erin Miller reported on the loss of the tax-free holiday in Virginia after it expired and legislators didn’t renew it.

Problem Solvers

No sales tax holiday in Virginia this year? Here’s how you can still save

7:08 AM, Aug 04, 2023

For her report, Erin interviewed Brittany Marsh, a woman from Chesapeake who said without the tax break, she was going to be paying a lot more for school supplies.

After we shared Marsh’s story, something incredible happened: A viewer reached out to us and said she wanted to give something to try to help get her and her family back to school.

Erin met up with Marsh to share what happened. Marsh read the card from the woman, who opted to stay anonymous:

“My god. She says, ‘Miss Brittany, I’m so happy to be able to assist a young mother and teacher to guide our children in this world we live in be blessed to continue the wonderful work. You provide.’ Just $400 in there. Oh my gosh,” said Marsh.


Brittany Marsh (left) with Erin (right) after receiving a $400 donation and card from an anonymous source, who wanted to help Brittany and her kids get school supplies.

Marsh has two girls in elementary school and is a teacher herself, so heading back to school can be a bit tough, she says.

In fact, consumer experts Erin talked to have said that school supplies are up 20 percent this year.

When Erin first spoke with Marsh, she said was worried about what she’d be able to afford. Now with the donation, it’s a much different story.

“We’re going to get the supplies and the shoes and the clothes and just everything that we need, and I can even get some extra stuff for me too,” said Marsh after receiving the donation.

marsh 1.jpg


Brittany Marsh with the $400 donation and card that she received from an anonymous source, who reached out to us after seeing Erin’s report.

Marsh says that definitely was not in the cards at all before.

She has this message for her anonymous angel: “Thank you so much. I appreciate this so much. I don’t know what else to say, thank you so much,” said Marsh.

Marsh said a few days later while she was shopping in Walmart, she got emotional, because she’s usually not able to buy things for school without worrying.

She says she got all of the supplies her girls needed and some stuff for her classroom too!

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