Are you prepared for severe weather? Hampton Roads experts offer advice

Are you prepared for severe weather? Hampton Roads experts offer advice

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Nearly all of Hampton Roads is at a level 3 storm threat through Monday evening, according to News 3 meteorologists Patrick Rockey and April Loveland.

There is a chance of not only tornadoes but hail, and rains that cause flooding.

“One of the criteria for a storm to be severe is actually wind gusts 58 miles per hour or greater,” explained Loveland. “So, when we talk about these straight-line damaging winds, a lot of people are like ‘Oh, it’s just wind, it’s not a tornado.’ But many times, straight-line winds can actually cause more damage than a tornado.”

Dave Topczynski, Director for Emergency Management with the City of Virginia Beach, hopes that all residents sign up to receive emergency alerts.

“If you get a weather alert, follow it. They don’t send those out lightly,” stated Topczynski, who says everyone should have a plan ahead of time, especially knowing there could be severe weather.

“Are you camping? Are you at the beach for the day? Are you at a soccer or sports tournament? Just identify those structures ahead of time that are more sturdy and knowing that if you get the alert, where you’ll go,” Topczynski added.

He also said that most cities in Hampton Roads have an emergency alert system that residents can sign up to receive on their phones. for more information on alerts in Virginia Beach.

Residents can also call 757-385-3111 or e-mail [email protected].

It is recommended during severe weather that anyone in mobile homes or those outdoors seek shelter in a sturdy structure. However, some residents who we talked with say they’ve been living in a mobile home for 25 years and have been riding out the storms.

“We pretty much just hunker down, stay right here and ride it out,” Jim Speck said.” We’ve got a generator if the sun’s not shining on the solar panels.”

Speck did say there are quite a few trees nearby and he has concerns that wind could cause a tree to fall down.

For more information on how to receive News 3 weather alerts, .

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