Biden’s executive order addresses childcare, unemployment for military spouses

Biden's executive order addresses childcare, unemployment for military spouses

NORFOLK, Va. — According to the Armed Services YMCA, two major issues military families face are unemployment and childcare.


Biden, in NC, promotes executive order aiding military spouses

6:26 PM, Jun 09, 2023

It’s why the Biden administration listed a few items as part of an executive order to help out military spouses caregivers and survivors.

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First lady Jill Biden and others applaud after President Joe Biden signed an executive order during a visit to Fort Liberty, N.C., Friday, June 9, 2023. Biden signed an executive order on Friday that aims to bolster job opportunities for military and veteran spouses whose careers are often disrupted by their loved ones’ deployments, telling them “we never forget that you’ve also answered the nation’s call.” (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

According to military spouse Antonia Hernandez, childcare is a major issue.

“I would like to have a job and I try working three to four hours but then I have to pick up my kids and it’s hard for many families who are military,” said Hernandez.

Antonia Hernandez

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Antonia Hernandez

James Moser said finding employment while moving from place to place is also challenging.

“When the ship says it’s time to go, it’s time, so not only does my location and job change, his does, too,” said Moser.

James Moser

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James Moser

Dorene Ocamb, with Armed Services YMCA said jobs and childcare are very interconnected and the constant moving around is the heart of the unemployment issue for many military spouses.

“Right now as we are in a period of low unemployment as it relates to the civilian workforce, we still are seeing really high unemployment among military spouses,” said Ocamb.

The Biden Administration addresses it in the executive order by creating opportunities for military spouses to find remote work or giving them chances to work at the same location as their partners.


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President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden greet Chief Master Sgt. Peter Martinez, Command Chief, 4th Fighter Wing, left obscured, and Col. Lucas “Shack” J Teel, Commander, 4th Fighter Wing, second from left, at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, N.C., Friday, June 9, 2023. The Bidens are in North Carolina to visit a community college and meet with service members and their families. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

The order also looks to help entrepreneurs.

In terms of childcare, Ocamb says the Hampton Roads region has long and lengthy wait lists for on-base child development centers.

“It means that military spouses are unable to go out and pursue employment which puts stress on the family in terms of their economic stability The plan is to create more affordable access to childcare for families,” said Ocamb.

Leaders with the Armed Services YMCA would like to see fewer wait lists and better programs for kids.

“Which oftentimes are waitlisted out before a military family even arrives to their new duty station is another area that I think that the administration needs to look at when they’re looking to provide better services to military families,” says Ocamb.

You can find a list of topics from the executive order by clicking the link

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