Business owners hope to see boost from 53rd annual Hampton Jazz Festival

Business owners hope to see boost from 53rd annual Hampton Jazz Festival

HAMPTON, Va. — It’s an event bringing thousands to Hampton Roads, featuring instrumental and vocal performances: the 53rd annual Hampton Jazz Festival.

After a four-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the show is returning this weekend, attracting both locals and tourists. The event features food vendors, and pop up shops, and of course, music. This year’s lineup includes Charlie Wilson, Fantasia, Babyface, Anthony Hamilton and many more.

The festival started back in 1968, bringing in thousands of visitors to Hampton. This year, at least 20,000 people are expected to attend.

The event has a huge economic impact in Hampton, including for small businesses and food vendors. Jean Mayfield, a food vendor, says the festival gives the community an economic boost.

“This is a big operation and we have spent a lot of money trying to get ready for this” said Mayfield.

Traveling from Richmond to Hampton, Mayfield says she’s excited about the surge in foot traffic this festival brings and the new faces they get to serve.

While the focus is serving delicious food, Mayfield says the main goal is to make big bucks. She said she’s hoping to make up the money they missed out on Friday because of rainy weather.

Meanwhile, inside of the Convention Center, the 757 Extravaganza, a vendor fair highlighting small businesses, is taking place.

“With the actual festival across the street, we’re just hoping to get that traffic to come over this way as well,” said Chelsea Vanhook, a small business owner.

Vanhook says this is her first time being part of the Extravangaza. She’s promoting her business called “Defined Arts,” and she says the exposure is an opportunity she didn’t want to miss out on.

“A lot of people, they wait till the last day because they’re traveling. They wait until the last day to shop, to do everything. They’ve [had food], spent money on food, and now they’re thinking, ‘What am I going to take back home?'” said Vanhook.

While business owners aim for a success, Jazz Fest attendees say they will continue to support the City of Hampton.

“It’s fun activities and good revenue for Hampton. I hope people continue to come,” said said a Jazz Fest attendee.

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