Business owners optimistic despite wet, cool conditions at VB Oceanfront

Business owners optimistic despite wet, cool conditions at VB Oceanfront

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A wet spring and gloomy start to summer has Virginia Beach business owners hoping for sunnier days.

According to News 3 Meteorologist Myles Henderson, Hampton Roads saw measurable precipitation 12 days in May and 6, so far, in June. As for temperatures, he reports 25 days in May had high temperatures below normal, and out of the first 21 days of June, 16 were below normal temps.

The weather has affected portions of large festivals like Something in the Water and Jackalope.

“Things started off a little soft. May, the weather didn’t help us a whole lot,” said John Zirkle, the president of the Virginia Beach Hotel Association. “There’s always something going on in Virginia Beach, and that brings the visitors here, so we’re optimistic it’s going to be a great season even though May was a little soft to start.”

The City of Virginia Beach has hired a researcher to do an economic impact study on events taking place in the summer of 2023. Those results are expected in September.

Hotel occupancy numbers show a slight increase in the months of January 2023 to March 2023 compared to the same months in 2022.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau also hired a company to look at the potential economic impact that sports tourism could bring to the city. The company Victus Advisors estimates a new indoor/outdoor action sports park could bring in 35,000 hotel night stays annually.

Michael Mauch is president of the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association and owner of Harvest at 17th Street. He said when the weather is nice, they’ve had some busy days, and he’s hoping for more of them, and he applauds recent efforts to keep the Oceanfront busy.

“It kind of seems like there’s been a concerted effort and a vision for how this, the Oceanfront is moving forward, especially with festivals and stuff like that, and I just hope it continues,” stated Mauch. “It really seems to bring some goodwill from people in the city coming to enjoy as well as outside visitors coming.”

Businesses like Rudee Tours and Ocean Breeze Waterpark which rely on agreeable weather were closed on Wednesday, the first day of summer, due to conditions.

Meanwhile, a representative of Rudee Tours wrote to News 3 that “The weather has definitely impacted our business this summer. We see a definite correlation with nice days and more guests wanting to be outside to enjoy it,” adding “We are looking forward to keeping everyone in full supply of vitamin sea!”

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