Chesapeake City Council to vote for new apartment complex development in business and industrial district

Chesapeake City Council to vote for new apartment complex development in business and industrial district

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — A 200-plus apartment unit development is pending conditional rezoning approval from the City of Chesapeake.

City council member Don Carey says there’s a need for housing in Hampton Roads, especially in Chesapeake. However, he says there could be a better location than the city’s business and industrial district for a high-density apartment.

According to Carey, this area on Battlefield Boulevard was not originally envisioned to be a pedestrian or residential thoroughfare.

“We want growth within the city, but we want growth within a city in certain places. I think this particular plot of land has better use along commercial offers and industrial type uses that actually fits what’s going on around that beautiful corridor,” says Carey.

Once built, Carey says the apartment would back into an existing neighborhood. He says the development would also have a net negative impact of $7 million to school and city board budget over a span of 20 years.

This would mean the city would need to pay $200,000, and schools would need to pay $300,000 every year.

“That’s because when you have a residential building, the services from the city have to be given there. We have to provide education, water and sewer and things of that nature that you typically wouldn’t have to have for a commercial property,” explains Carey.

On Tuesday night, Chesapeake City Council will have a final vote for rezoning changes at a public hearing.

If approved, this land located in the business and industrial district would become a multifamily residential district.

Ultimately, it will give the developers the go ahead to build as long as they meet the conditions of the proffers and inspectors. Even if it is approved, Carey says a ground breaking could take some time.

We reached out to the applicant, Oxford Properties, but they said they could not comment prior to the council meeting.

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