Chesapeake City Council votes on rezoning for proposed shipping container warehouse

Chesapeake City Council votes on rezoning for proposed shipping container warehouse

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Chesapeake City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday night to either approve or deny a rezoning request for a shipping container warehouse.

has created concern among residents but could have a big economic impact.

Debbie Rozier has fond memories of her 30 years living at the now-abandoned mobile home park at 4168 South Military Highway in Chesapeake.

The park is part of the 93 acres proposed for rezoning for a 200,000 square foot shipping container warehouse.

Tuesday morning, Rozier was spending time at the property reminiscing, including admiring a tree her now-deceased father planted.


Debbie Rozier gestures to the tree her now-deceased father planted in the yard of the mobile where she used to live.

The thought of the park being demolished makes her sad.

“I would like to see it be a trailer park again for people that need low-income housing,” said Rozier.

Jeff Staples is a member of a group of local residents opposing the development citing noise, traffic and property devaluation concerns among others.

According to the project description, the warehouse could operate 24 hours a day and have up to 400 employees.

Google Earth proposed CH shipping container warehouse location


“The Homestead (community) folks are really worried about becoming upside down in their mortgages, and then the Sunray (community) folks are really worried about how it would disturb the agricultural integrity of the community,” said Staples.

In July, City Council was scheduled to vote on the rezoning request but deferred because, at the time, whether the project’s applicant would get approval for a traffic light was unknown.

Chesapeake Mayor Rick West said Tuesday he believed the light had since been approved but, when asked, didn’t take sides on the rezoning request.

“At this point, I’m still kind of right in the middle. There are two very, very strong arguments for this,” said West.

News 3 did call multiple numbers to try to reach the group behind the project but was unable to get a comment.

If the rezoning request is approved, the project will move forward. If the request is denied, that’s the end of the line for the project.

Staples said there could be a legal challenge to the rezoning, but as of Tuesday those in the group opposed to the project had not thought about what they’ll do if the request is approved.

He noted, however, the group is “determined” and “pretty thoughtful that we’re going to get a good outcome tonight.”

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