CNU police, ATF join forces during active shooter training

CNU police, ATF join forces during active shooter training

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — At Christopher Newport University on Wednesday afternoon, local police and ATF agents worked together to prepare for a call they hope they never receive.

“Even though there’s no playbook for any of these events, having a common base to start from really helps,” said ATF Assistant Special Agent in Charge Darrell Logwood.

Logwood said utilizing a CNU dorm for the active assailant training made the training that much more realistic.

“You’re training in a real environment that you could be responding to someday in the future,” said Logwood.

CNU Police Chief Dan Woloszynowski said Wednesday’s training was vital for his goal of preparedness. He said he wants to get his patrol officers up to speed tactically.

“They are going to be the first responder if God forbid a call should come out of an active assailant who is committing mass murder; these folks need to get mentally and physically prepared to neutralize that threat,” the chief said.

The chief told News 3 the other important goal is prevention. If you hear something alarming, say something.

“I do believe we are all in this together, this is a community safety piece and it involves everybody,” said the chief.

This is the first time CNU and ATF agents have partnered for active assailant training.

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