Cory Bigsby murdered son Codi 7 months before reported missing, court docs claim

Cory Bigsby murdered son Codi 7 months before reported missing, court docs claim

HAMPTON, Va. — Court documents obtained by News 3 from Hampton Circuit Court claim that Cory Bigsby on June 18, 2021. That is about seven months before Codi was reported missing by his father in January 2022.


Cory Bigsby indicted with murder of 4-year-old son Codi Bigsby, sources say

4:47 PM, Jun 08, 2023

Cory Bigsby was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday. According to court documentation, he faces two charges related to his son Codi’s disappearance.


Cory is charged with the murder of Codi and the concealment of the child’s body.


Cory has been in custody since Feb. 2022 after being indicted on 30 charges of child abuse and neglect that were not related to Codi’s disappearance.


Cory Bigsby indicted on 30 counts by grand jury

2:31 PM, Jul 05, 2022

During Cory’s last court appearance, he was determined mentally unfit to stand trial. He was sent to Eastern State Hospital for treatment and is due back in Hampton Circuit Court on Wednesday, June 14.

Codi’s disappearance in January 2021 sparked a community-wide search effort. The “Codi Fence,” a memorial honoring Codi in Hampton, near Buckroe Point Apartments, still continues to grow. New flowers and stuffed animals have been placed at the fence since the news of Cory’s indictment. Codi was just 4-years-old when he was first reported missing, but would be five today.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 3 for updates.

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