Early-onset cancer cases up nearly 80% in past 30 years, report finds

Early-onset cancer cases up nearly 80% in past 30 years, report finds

Research  in the journal BMJ Oncology shows that cancer cases in those under 50 have increased by 97% over the past three decades.

While breast cancer accounted for the highest number of cases, windpipe cancer and prostate cancer have risen the fastest since 1990 when it comes to early-onset cases.

The study looked at cases from 1990 to 2019.

New cancer diagnoses among those under 50 totaled 1.82 million in 2019.

The most deaths were due to cancers of the breast, windpipe, lung, bowel, and stomach.

Another , looked at more than 500,000 people with early onset-cancer in the U.S. from 2010 to 2019 and found that gastrointestinal cancers had the fastest-growing rates among all early-onset cancers.

What’s causing the increase?

Risk factors for early-onset cancer can include dietary choices, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, obesity, and tobacco use.

Dietary choices that can contribute to cancer risk are diets high in red meats and sodium and low in fruits.

Based on these trends in cancer cases, researchers estimate the number of early onset cancer cases will rise by 31% in 2030, with people in their 40s at the most risk.

Doctors say prevention and early detection are crucial to help combat deaths due to early onset cancers.

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