Endangered sea turtle spotted nesting on Cape Hatteras

Endangered sea turtle spotted nesting on Cape Hatteras

CAPE HATTERAS, N.C. — A critically endangered sea turtle was spotted nesting in Cape Hatteras this week, the National Park Service reported.

The turtle was spotted just before noon on Wednesday, nesting south of ramp 55 near an open off-road vehicle route.

The Kemp’s Ridley is the most critically endangered sea turtle in the world, according to NPS, and is unique because it nests during the day. It makes up only 1 percent of turtle nests each year in Cape Hatteras, with only nine nests over the past four years.

It is also the only sea turtle with a nearly circular carapace, or upper shell, according to NPS.

The National Parks Service asks anyone who spots a sea turtle on the beach to call its stranding hotline at 252-216-6892 so they can ensure its protection.

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