Extradition delayed for Portsmouth man accused of fatally shooting N.J. councilwoman

Extradition delayed for Portsmouth man accused of fatally shooting N.J. councilwoman

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A Portsmouth man accused of killing a New Jersey councilwoman will remain in Virginia a bit longer.

Rashid Bynum was arrested in May in connection to the death of Eunice Dwumfour, a councilwoman for Sayreville, N.J., who was shot and killed in February, according to police.

It is being requested that Bynum be extradited to New Jersey, where he allegedly committed the crime. But in court on Thursday he was issued a continuance, meaning he won’t go to New Jersey just yet.

Portsmouth man charged in fatal shooting of councilwoman in New Jersey

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney D.J. Hansen says they still need a to move Bynum to the Garden State. The judge said inside the courtroom that New Jersey has been diligent in pursuing that warrant.

Youngkin’s office has 90 days to issue the warrant before Bynum would be released from custody. Hansen said he doesn’t anticipate that happening, however, as Bynum has only been in custody for about 30 days. He added that this is a standard legal process and such warrants can take several weeks to be issued.

Police say Bynum was arrested on Hornsea Road in Chesapeake on May 30, one day before his 29th birthday. The following day, Bynum made his where he was arraigned on a first-degree murder charge and two gun-related charges. Prosecutors said they used cell phone records, E-ZPass records and witness reports to connect Bynum to Dwumfour’s death.

While a motive has not yet been made clear, officials believe the two knew each other from church, and the victim has Bynum’s number saved in her phone.

Bynum’s most recent court appearance was on June 2 for a bond hearing. At the hearing, prosecutors cited a Virginia statute that states defendants are not eligible for bond if their charge is punishable by life in prison. Bynum’s attorney ended up withdrawing the bond request.

Bynum’s next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 25; however, Hansen said that hearing may not happen, as Bynum will likely be extradited to New Jersey before then.

Once Bynum is extradited the case will move forward in New Jersey.

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