Hampton city councilman calls for colleague’s resignation amid scandal

Hampton city councilman calls for colleague's resignation amid scandal

HAMPTON, Va. – Hampton city councilman Steven Brown is calling for Councilman Chris Bowman’s resignation after Bowman was accused of soliciting a prostitute. Bowman is also facing allegations of inappropriate contact with several women.

Brown released a statement Wednesday afternoon which said in part:

“My prayer is that Mr. Bowman will seek out help and give his full attention to his personal issues, so he may find restoration and healing. I am hereby urging Mr. Bowman to take the high road and resign from City Council immediately, so that our City can heal and be restored as well,” Brown said. “As a member of Council, I will not and cannot allow the poor choices of one member of this body to deprive the Hampton citizens of the excellent leadership they deserve.”


Hampton City Council censures councilman after alleged encounter with prostitute

11:39 PM, Aug 10, 2023

Hampton city council votes to censure councilman after encounter with prostitute

Councilman Bowman was accused of soliciting a prostitute in March of 2022, according to court documents. Afterward he said he was extorted for $5,000. A man, Michael Brown, was arrested in connection to the incident, according to police.

Bowman hasn’t faced any charges, but he has faced backlash. At the Aug. 9 city council meeting, vice mayor Jimmy Gray announced Bowman was censured for his actions.

“Chris Bowman has engaged in conduct unbecoming of a public official, and whereas the actions of Councilman Bowman have violated a moral and ethical standards expected of council members,” said Gray.

The Hampton NAACP also recently called for Bowman’s resignation. President Gaylene Kanoyton talked to News 3’s Danielle Saitta on Saturday. Kanoyton told News 3 they want him to step down not just for the prostitute scandal, but also for his allegations of inappropriate contact with several women.


Community activists call on Hampton council member to step down

5:34 PM, Sep 02, 2023

Hampton NAACP calling on council member to step down after being censured

“We can’t be desensitized to these kinds of actions, we have to speak out and we have to speak out, we can’t tolerate this kind of behavior,” said Kanoyton.

News 3 contacted Bowman Wednesday who said he had no comment. In a phone call, Bowman’s attorney Carter Phillips told News 3 that “this is what elections are for.” He said Bowman’s term is up next year, and if people don’t want him to be re-elected, he won’t be.

Mayor Donnie Tuck also commented on Brown calling for Bowman’s resignation.

“That is Councilman Brown’s prerogative,” said the mayor.

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