Hampton Roads domestic violence victims narrowly escape death; here’s how to seek help

Hampton Roads domestic violence victims narrowly escape death; here's how to seek help

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. — Victims and family members of those impacted by domestic violence in Hampton Roads spoke with us on their experiences, and the early warning signs of abuse.

News 3 Investigates and the shined a light on domestic violence, with the mission of the Samaritan House to foster personal safety, growth and self-sufficiency in adults and their children through freedom from sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking and homelessness.

It is important to note that more than half of 541 homicides Virginia saw in 2020 were committed by an intimate partner, according to the Virginia Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

Many may ask: Why not leave a situation before it becomes violent? Survivors and advocates said it is never that simple.

Deadly retaliation, homelessness and lack of support are some of the reasons it can be hard for a victim of domestic violence to seek the help they need.

You can listen to the stories of several local residents impacted by domestic violence and how they continue to bring awareness for others who may be in need.

News 3 Investigates, Samaritan House shine light on Hampton Roads domestic violence

If you need help right now, click for a list of resources.

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