Hampton Roads donors participate in News 3’s ‘Labor of Love’ blood drive

WTKR News 3, American Red Cross partner in Labor of Love Blood Drive starting Sept. 1

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Over the Labor Day Weekend, blood donors spent their day off saving lives.

For four days, the American Red Cross set up a blood donation space inside the Patrick Henry Mall on the Peninsula.

The Red Cross says these donations are life saving, and are used to help cancer patients and provide emergency blood transfusions.

Roger Vogel has been a blood donor since 2020. For years he says he wasn’t allowed to donate while serving in the army, but now he’s glad to help out.

“I’m an army brat and I wasn’t able to give blood until 2020 when the FDA lifted the ban. I lived in west Germany in the early 80s and so now that that’s been lifted I come every eight weeks when I’m allowed to give,” explains Vogel.

The American Red Cross says donations are always welcome. If you missed out on the four day drive over the holiday weekend, we can show you how you can still donate by clicking .

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