Hampton School Board announces next superintendent

Hampton School Board announces next superintendent

HAMPTON, Va. — The Hampton School Board has named Dr. Raymond Haynes as the next superintendent for Hampton City Schools (HCS).

Dr. Haynes was unanimously approved by the school board during a meeting on Wednesday.

“We are immensely pleased with our appointment of Dr. Haynes,” said Dr. Richard Mason, School Board chair.

Dr. Haynes has been a member of the Hampton City Schools Division Leadership Team since 2014, first as the executive director of schools, and most recently as the chief of secondary school leadership, according to HCS.

HCS says as a part of his leadership, Dr. Haynes has posted the highest accreditation rate in seven years with all schools being 100% accredited and lead efforts to decrease the dropout rate from 14.1% in 2018 to 0.62% in 2022.

“Throughout his professional career with Hampton City Schools, Dr. Haynes has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary ability to foster innovation, drive results, and inspire others. His strategic thinking has been instrumental in transforming our schools, enabling us to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable growth,” Dr. Mason said. “Dr. Haynes’ steadfast leadership is what we need in a superintendent to continue our legacy of greatness in Hampton City Schools. We are pleased that Dr. Haynes has accepted the call to lead us into the next phase of growth, more specifically with the academies and our relationship with Ford NGL.”

According to HCS, through collaboration with internal stakeholders, Dr. Haynes helped the division’s community and business partners increase from 80 to 413 partners, representing 16 industries, to support the Academies of Hampton.

Dr. Haynes career in education began more than 28 years ago in HCS, and he has served as an educational enrichment specialist K-12, an elementary assistant principal, and a principal for elementary, middle, and high school.

Dr. Haynes also served as a planning principal where he developed plans to build, open and staff Hampton’s PreK-8 schools, Hunter B. Andrews and George P. Phenix, while also serving as the interim director of alternative programs.

“I am absolutely thrilled and honored to have been selected by the Hampton School Board as the new superintendent of schools. This opportunity holds a special place in my heart, as it allows me to continue to give back to the community where I was raised and educated,” Dr. Haynes said. “Being able to serve the students, parents and educators of this city, where I grew up and received my educations, filles me with immense pride and excitement.”

Dr. Haynes says his goal is to build on the strong “foundation of excellence already in place,” while working collaboratively with the School Board, City Council, HCS staff, students, families and stakeholders with a laser focus on student success.

“Together, we will create a brighter future for every child in our community, and I cannot wait to embark on this incredible journey with all stakeholders involved,” Dr. Haynes said.

Dr. Haynes also led the partnership between Old Dominion University and Hampton City Schools Leadership Cohort to develop future school and district leaders through a “grow your own” program.

HCS says Dr. Haynes has worked closely with the leadership at Monarch Lead ODU to develop course schedules, recruit and interview participants, teach classes and evaluate future leaders.

“Dr. Raymond Haynes embodies what this school division needs as the next superintendent, and he is the right choice to ‘carry the torch,'” said Deputy Superintendent Dr. John Caggiano. “One hallmark of an effective leader, and someone who is ready to assume greater responsibility, is whether they demonstrate the ability to ‘rise to the occasion’ when presented with increased responsibilities. When examining Dr. Haynes’ career to date in HCS, he has risen to the challenge and exceeded expectations with each new assignment.”

Dr. Caggiano says Dr. Haynes possesses the “unique combination of personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and acumen needed to excel” as the next superintendent of Hampton City Schools.

Dr. Haynes has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Christopher Newport University, a Master of Social Work from Norfolk State University, and his educational administration endorsement (PreK-12) from the University of Virginia. He also earned his educational specialist endorsement from Old Dominion University and his doctorate from Old Dominion University, where he received the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award.

Dr. Haynes is replacing Dr. Jeffrey Smith, who is retiring after eight years as Hampton’s superintendent, effective July 1.

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