Homeowners in Newport News assess damage from storm

Homeowners in Newport News assess damage from storm

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Some homeowners in Hampton Roads are assessing damages from Friday’s severe weather. While this storm didn’t cause a lot of damage, it can serve as a reminder to make sure your home is covered before the next storm hits.

Sylvia D’Angelo says her heart dropped seeing the damage to her neighbor’s home. On Friday a large 100 year old tree fell and destroyed the house.

“I was stunned. I was petrified. I know they stay in that room that’s their den where they watch their TV,” says D’Angelo.

Luckily the two homeowner’s inside weren’t hurt. Though D’Angelo says she does feel bad for them because she’s been in their shoes.

“We’ve had large trees fall in our backyard and some that have fallen on our house and created damage,” D’Angelo said.


Strong storms bring rain, wind & hail to Hampton Roads Friday afternoon

3:35 PM, Jun 16, 2023

This time around D’Angelo didn’t have severe damage. While large trees are lovely, she says they’re a liability.

“We have a lot of beautiful oak trees here in our community and we’ve had several trees throughout the years that have fallen and done a lot of damage. They are beautiful but they can be very scary at times,” says D’ Angelo.

When there’s a storm, D’Angelo says she’s concerned for the safety of others.

“Even though they look like they’re very strong and everything the tops can be swaying like they’re going to come right down,” says D’Angelo.

D’Angelo says debris from a limb can cost an arm and a leg. She says a lot of times people can’t afford to have the trees taken down.

According to the , standard homeowner policies include coverage for the structure of a house, personal belongings, liability protection and additional living expenses.

As a homeowner, your policy will pay to repair and or rebuild your home if damaged by disasters listed in your policy like a hurricane.

In terms of tree damage, the Insurance Information Institute says a standard homeowners insurance policy covers the damage if it’s caused by severe weather like wind or lightning. But it doesn’t cover everything.

If a tree falls and doesn’t damage property like a house, there is usually no coverage for debris removal. However, some companies may pay for it if the fallen tree blocks a driveway or handicap ramp.

To minimize damage from your own trees, the Insurance Information Institute recommends maintaining their health for winter weather.

Since poor maintenance isn’t covered by homeowners insurance, it’s also a reminder to check your home insurance policy to make sure it’s covering everything you need it to cover.

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