‘Hot and lethargic:’ Dogs found in crate under tarp with surrender note

'Hot and lethargic:' Dogs found in crate under tarp with surrender note

INDIANAPOLIS — The Connersville Police Department is asking for public assistance and cooperation after finding two dogs inside a cage under a tarp without water.

According to police, the dogs were found in the 1000 block of W. 18th Street. They were “hot and lethargic” inside the cage due to heat and lack of air flow.

According to police, the dogs had defecated inside the crate and were confined in a very small area, where movement was nearly impossible.

The dog owners left a note to “surrender” the dogs to whoever found them and left a bag of dog food and small amount of water in the cage, according to police.

The dogs were handed off to the Fayette County Animal Shelter, despite already being over capacity.

Anyone with information about the owners of these two dogs named “Kilo” and “Rosco” are asked to contact K9 Ofc. Brennan Watson at 765-825-2111.

The Connersville Police Department asked anyone with interest in adopting the dogs or any other pets to contact the Fayette County Animal Shelter.

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