reveals most unusual room service requests reveals most unusual room service requests

 its first list of “most unusual room service requests,” which it said went well beyond food. 

The hotel-booking website said demand for room service has increased 45% in the last year among U.S. hotels.

The 10 most unusual room service requests include:

1) Diet water

2) Melted ice cream

3) Blowfish

4) Boiled bottled water

5) A cooked fish that the guest brought with them

6) Cockle popcorn

7) No-egg-white omelet 

8) Rice bowl for a dog

9) Bison

10) Eggless eggs in hell (shakshuka)

Among the hotels surveyed by, burgers are the most popular room service order. About 43% of hotels said their guests prefer casual cuisine. also reported that about 27% of room service orders go for more than $100. 

The report also highlighted some of the top room service experiences. Among them, the Plaza Hotel in New York offers a 16-scoop sundae akin to the one Kevin McAllister ordered on “Home Alone 2, Lost in New York.” The Home Alone Sundae costs $300. 

Music lovers might enjoy the Milestone Hotel in London, which offers an in-room concert from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Rooms start at $1,500, and that price does not include the orchestra.

For $1,600, the Post Oak Hotel in Houston offers the Black Gold Burger, which includes Wagyu beef, seared foie gras, and black truffle in a caviar-infused black and 24-karat gold brioche bun.

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