How to protect pets from wildfire smoke

How to protect pets from wildfire smoke

Poor air quality does not just impact humans. Dogs, cats and other pets can also be affected when it becomes difficult to breathe. 

Recently, concerned pet owners have been searching for how to protect their pets from poor air quality. The searches come as much of the Eastern U.S. is experiencing poor air quality, which has forced the cancellation and postponement of a number of events.  

 on how to protect pets from wildfire smoke. The guide says “animals with heart or lung disease and older pets are especially at risk from smoke and should be closely watched during all periods of poor air quality.”

It recommends monitoring pets for the following symptoms: 

• Coughing or gagging 

• Red or watery eyes, nasal discharge, inflammation of throat or mouth, or reluctance to eat hard foods 

• Trouble breathing, including open-mouth breathing, more noise when breathing, or fast breathing 

• Fatigue or weakness, disorientation, uneven gait, stumbling 

• Reduced appetite or thirst

The EPA recommends keeping pets indoors and reducing physical activity when air quality declines. It also recommends keeping indoor air quality clean by using filters and avoiding activities like burning candles or vacuuming. 

The air quality in much of the Eastern U.S. is considered “unhealthy” as of Thursday morning. In some areas, particularly around New York and Philadelphia, the air quality has been considered “hazardous.” The poor air quality caused several major sporting events to be postponed Wednesday, and some Broadway shows were canceled. 

 forecasts that air quality in Philadelphia and New York will gradually improve on Friday. Meanwhile, forecasters said the air quality will deteriorate in parts of the Southern U.S.

 on how to improve air quality for humans and pets.  

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