‘I was so in shock:’ Norfolk suffers storm damage, here’s what do if your home is impacted

'I was so in shock:' Norfolk suffers storm damage, here's what do if your home is impacted

NORFOLK, Va. – Storms that rolled through Hampton Roads early Tuesday morning caused isolated damage in Norfolk.

Off Tidewater Drive on Kathy Court, a large tree was uprooted, causing it to crash onto a pickup truck and pull down power lines in the process.

“We had a conference call yesterday advising us of the potential for thunderstorms in the area,” said Joe Chapman, a supervisor of operations and construction for Dominion Energy. “We kind of went into a storm standby mode.”

Another representative for Dominion Energy reports that about 8,200 customers were without power overnight. Crews were able to restore nearly all of those by Tuesday afternoon.


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3:46 PM, Jun 20, 2023

But on Kathy Court, neighbors were also dealing with damage tree damage. Hector Miranda’s work truck was smashed by a neighbor’s old tulip tree.

“Thank God no one was hurt that I’m aware of. We’re all safe here and that’s the most important thing,” Miranda said. “It’s definitely something we will not forget.”

Chapman recommends all homeowners check their property before the next storm.

“Removing bad trees or trees close to power lines is going to be the most important thing we can do,” Chapman advises.

If residents see a downed power line, he warns them to stay away and call 911 or 1-866-DOM-HELP.

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