‘It’s a danger zone getting out of my driveway:’ Hampton increases speeding fines in certain residential areas

'It's a danger zone getting out of my driveway:' Hampton increases speeding fines in certain residential areas

HAMPTON, Va. – Speeding fines are increasing by $200 for six residential roads in Hampton.

“It’s kind of a danger zone getting out of my own driveway,” said resident Casandra Jones.

Jones told News 3 that drivers on her road, Michael Woods Drive, constantly speed.

“While we are doing this interview someone just got passed for going too slow,” said Jones.

According to city spokesperson Robin McCormick, there are the eight roads that the city has implemented an additional $200 fine for going over the speed limit:

  • Charlton Drive from Mercury Boulevard to the dead end
  • Big Bethel Road between Mercury Boulevard and Todd’s Lane
  • Northampton Drive from Todd’s Lane to Burton Street
  • Michael Woods Drive from Locksley Drive to Big Bethel Road
  • Silver Isles Boulevard from Old Buckroe Road to Hall Road
  • Farmington Boulevard from Todd’s Lane to Estate Drive
  • Westview Drive from Saunders Road to the dead end
  • “This is an attempt to limit people who speed through neighborhoods where kids are outside playing. It’s an obvious hazard and unfortunately it happens all too often,” said McCormick.
    If you want increased speeding fines in your neighborhood, there are a few criteria that need to be met:

  • Your street must have a volume of 1,000 vehicles per day
  • The speed limit must be 35mph or under
  • A petition is required with 75% of residents on the roadway signing they want a traffic study done
  • If approved, the study must find that 85% of vehicles are going at least 10mph over the posted speed limit
  • One of those studies conducted by the city revealed that on a residential road that had a marked speed limit of 25mph, almost half the people were going 40 or above, and there were even people clocked going 80mph, according by McCormick.
    “I’m all for it, like yes, this road should be slower, they should do something about it but if you don’t have a car here to say hey you just got a ticket for $200, they’re not going to get anybody,” said Jones.

    Enforcement will begin once signage has been placed.

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