‘It’s absolutely a concern:’ VSP addresses recent Hampton Roads interstate shootings

'It's absolutely a concern:' VSP addresses recent Hampton Roads interstate shootings

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. — Virginia State Police are concerned about the number of interstate shootings in Hampton Roads.

Hampton Roads residents ‘should be alarmed’ by interstate shootings, VSP says

In a press release earlier this week, State Patrol said some of those shootings are gang-related, others are due to road rage and some are connected to previous altercations.


Hampton Roads residents ‘should be alarmed’ by interstate shootings, VSP says

6:28 PM, Jun 08, 2023

“Virginians have a right to safely travel,” said Captain Timothy Reibel, the Commander of the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Chesapeake Field Office.

News 3 reported on three shootings on I-64 in Hampton since June 1st.

Those are part of 18 total interstate shootings Virginia State Police responded to in Hampton Roads in the past six months.

Seven shootings occurred in Hampton, five in Norfolk, two in each Chesapeake and Portsmouth, and one in each Newport News and Virginia Beach. Police say four were gang-related, four due to road rage and others involved individuals in conflict.

News 3

Interstate Shootings in Hampton Roads

“It’s absolutely a concern,” said Captain Reibel.

No deaths were reported related to this year’s shootings.

Drivers at the pump said they’re always wary of other drivers.

“I don’t try to upset anyone. If they try to get in front of me, I let them. I don’t honk, I don’t do any of that and I try to teach my daughter that,” said Elsa Collette, of Virginia Beach resident. “Sometimes she’ll honk the horn and I’m like ‘don’t do that,’ because you don’t know what kind of state of mind people are in.”

‘You have to be careful:’ Drivers react to shooting on I-64 in Hampton

But most have never seen a shooting on the roads.

“I’m from Brooklyn, New Yor,k so there was shootings when I was a kid. Shootings is nothing, it’s just getting worse, but they were always around. I’ve never seen it on the highway, though,” said Kenneth Fowler, who now lives in Norfolk.


MORE: ‘You have to be careful:’ Drivers react to shooting on I-64 in Hampton

6:38 PM, Jun 02, 2023

And for first responders, an interstate shooting scene can be tricky.

“Most of the time providers, are concerned whether it’s a safe location for them to respond to. If the individual that was involved, or possible suspect, has been apprehended,” said William Shackelford, the acting brigade chief of performance management for the City of Virginia Beach EMS.

First responders remind drivers: if you see flashing lights on the road, move over.

Police are asking for your help, too.

“You would be surprised with the number of folks that are involved in these incidents of prior conflict that don’t see anything, don’t do anything and don’t contact us,” said Captain Reibel.

If you have information on any recent interstate shooting, they ask you to come forward. You can dial #77 on a cell phone or call 757-424-6800.

Interstate shootings are considered rare.

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