Landlord wins approval to evict Twitter from Colorado office

Landlord wins approval to evict Twitter from Colorado office

Twitter is being evicted from its offices in Boulder, Colorado. 

According to the , a judge approved an order to evict Twitter due to unpaid rent. 

The social media company had reportedly entered into a lease for four suites in 2020, prior to Elon Musk buying the company. 

Musk acquired Twitter in October 2022. At the time, the company had about 7,500 employees. Musk has reduced the workforce to less than 2,000, according to  

The Boulder mayor said in November that he was informed that 87 Twitter employees in the city were being laid off. 

“I feel for them. I know it’s a really hard time,” Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett told  at the time of the layoffs.

Twitter had reportedly been in Boulder for about a decade, once accounting for about 200 jobs. It’s unclear if any employees remain at the Boulder office. 

Rent for the Boulder office complex is not the only bill that Twitter owes.  reports that Twitter owes $10 million to companies that provided a variety of services to the company. 

Scripps News reached out to Twitter for comment, but received a poop emoji as a reply. Musk reportedly scrapped Twitter’s media relations department after taking over the company. 

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