Missy Cotter Smasal challenging Rep. Kiggans for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District seat

Missy Cotter Smasal challenging Rep. Kiggans for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District seat

Democrat Missy Cotter Smasal has launched her campaign for Virginia’s Second Congressional District seat, which is currently held by (R-Va.)

Cotter Smasal describes herself as a Navy veteran, mom, and former small business owner who has lived in Virginia Beach for over two decades. She says her campaign will focus on “standing up for Coastal Virginia’s families, military, and veterans.”

In her campaign announcement, Cotter Smasal took aim at Kiggans’ voting record since joining Congress. Her announcement includes the following statement:

“I was compelled to run because our current Congresswoman, who promised to stand up for Coastal Virginia and focus on military families and veterans, has not done so. She voted to cut veterans’ health benefits and then lied about it Virginia’s veterans deserve a member of Congress who will honor our promises, not ones, like Kiggans, who vote to take away their benefits, threaten military readiness, and use servicemembers as political leverage. I feel called to serve, because extremist DC politicians, like Jen Kiggans, fail to support the people of this district. I will always stand up for Coastal Virginia’s families, veterans, and the future of our home.”

Kiggans, a former helicopter pilot in the Navy and nurse practitioner who lives in Virginia Beach, last November to win the seat for the Second Congressional District. prior to last November’s election, making the district redder. It now includes the Eastern Shore, Virginia Beach, parts of Chesapeake, Suffolk, Isle of Wight County, the City of Franklin, and parts of Southampton County.


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6:09 PM, Sep 04, 2023

This isn’t Cotter Smasal’s first time vying for office: She previously ran for State Senate in 2019, .

Cotter Smasal’s announcement touted over 20 endorsements, including Rep. Jennifer McClellan and Former Governor Ralph Northam.

A spokesperson for Kiggans’ campaign shared the following statement with us:

“Missy is masquerading as a moderate but she’s just a liberal democrat who will be a rubber stamp for Joe Biden’s failed policies that are making Virginian’s lives tougher every day. Whether it’s the cost of groceries or gas, rising crime, a broken border, or lack of support for our military and veterans, Biden’s policies are hurting hard-working Virginia families making it impossible for them to make ends meet and feel secure. Jen Kiggans has kept her promise to restore American strength by supporting our military and Virginia’s families. Virginians deserve a representative who is focused on them and not someone who will rubber stamp Joe Biden’s liberal agenda.”

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