Multiple Broadway shows have canceled performances due to air quality

Multiple Broadway shows have canceled performances due to air quality

Performances for major in-demand Broadway shows have been canceled as New York City authorities continue to deal with heavy air pollution in the form of smoke being pushed south from Canada. 

Canadian emergency crews have been battling intense wildfires for days. 

Productions for “Hamilton” and “Camelot” saw their Wednesday shows canceled, and audiences were asked to contact the original point of sale for refunds and ticket exchanges, . 

The cancellations were not just out of an abundance of caution. 

On Wednesday was stopped after performer Jodie Comer told the audience she was having difficulty breathing. 

On Wednesday the Federal Aviation Administration warned that traffic headed to and leaving from the Northeast would have to be tightly controlled as the smoke filled the air over a large swath of the region. 

Officials implemented ground delays at New York’s LaGuardia airport, at Newark Liberty International in New Jersey and at Philadelphia’s international airport because of low visibility. 

Air quality warnings were issued on Wednesday for a large portion of the East Coast, from New Hampshire down to South Carolina. 

Firefighters in Canada are battling over a dozen large hot spots, and over 20,000 people in Canada have faced forced evacuations. 

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