Nonprofit provides therapeutic experiences to veterans through flights

Nonprofit provides therapeutic experiences to veterans through flights

“Tribute Aviation,” a nonprofit based in Virginia, is working to reduce veteran suicides by providing a positive environment and therapeutic experiences through flights.

The organization was recently founded by Kurt Muller, a retired Naval aviator. He says he founded Tribute Aviation with the goal of recognizing, honoring and helping veterans who may have issues integrating into post-military service.


Retired Naval aviator explains how his passion for flying could help veterans

6:16 AM, May 18, 2023

“I think it gives somebody the opportunity to forget about the cares of the world, look at the world from a different perspective, from a perch on high,” Muller told News 3 in an interview last month. “It is a very visceral experience being in an open cockpit and all of your senses are really alive while you’re up there!”

Recently, Muller and other veterans had an enjoyable time taking flight. He said he felt a special connection to the World War II-era planes they flew.

“The planes are veterans themselves. So, there’s probably a little bit of kinship there,” said Muller. “I’m a veteran as well, so I kind of feel that tie to the past and the veterans that went before us.”

Muller’s idea to use flying as a form of therapy for veterans proved to be successful, according to veterans who took part in the recent flight.

“It takes your mind off [of things] if you’re stuck in that rut. And it lets you see that there are bigger and better things out there, and [to] enjoy life,” said veteran Mike Fasnacht.

Watch the video player above to see the flying experience!

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