Norfolk Emergency Management shares tips on how to stay safe ahead of severe weather threats

Norfolk Emergency Management shares tips on how to stay safe ahead of severe weather threats

NORFOLK, Va.— When severe weather threats come our way you want to be prepared, and Norfolk Emergency Management leaders say taking precaution is important.

Damaging winds, flooding, and large hail is bringing a .

“When you hear thunder roar go indoors is the common campaign,” said Jim Reddick, Director of Norfolk Emergency Management.

News 3 checked in with Norfolk emergency management leaders to see how city employees prep for storms and do their part to lessen any impacts.

“They’re clearing the drains and the culverts. They make sure that everything is up and working,” said Reddick.

News 3 meteorologists say more storms will come our way this week and flooding is a big concern for families who live near storm drains in Ghent.

“It messes up your car when you drive in the water and it messes up the engine,” said Alex Stevens, who’s concerned about the flooding.

“There’s certain roadways I know to stay away from. I know what areas get really bad and aren’t safe to drive through,” said Rob Ericson, who’s used to the flooding in Ghent.

Ghent residents say they take precautions for severe weather threats.

“I just move my car to higher ground, and make sure I know what streets are okay to park on. I move my car and make sure it’s away from everything,” said Ericson.

Ahead of any major storm, city leaders say you should have a safety kit with water, food, and tools like a flashlight. Storms could knock out power for an extended period of time.

“Storing up the energy on their phone, charging their devices so they can continue to receive information throughout an incident is important,” said Reddick.

Reddick says a lot of families make common mistakes when severe weather strikes.

“I often hear it’s not going to happen here, you know we can go outside although we hear lightning, it’s not going to bother us,” said Reddick.

City leaders say it’s important to check your yard and secure any furniture and pick up any decorations that could become hazards in high winds. Along with checking the curb and the gutter to make sure they’re not blocked with any debris.

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