Norfolk school bus drivers celebrated at cookout

Norfolk school bus drivers celebrated at cookout

NORFOLK, Va. — One local group took the time to thank school bus drivers on Saturday.

Impact Virginia hosted an appreciation cookout for Norfolk Public Schools bus drivers at Lafayette Park.

Organizers say the end of the year was a perfect time to give them a pat on the back for a sometimes thankless job.

“They are the unsung heroes. They get up in the morning and drive their routes. Then they do afternoon stuff. They leave their kids to take care of other kids, and I just thought, I got my group together and said hey let’s honor the bus drivers. Let’s just give them a day they can come out, eat, have a good time and they don’t have to worry about nothing,” said Maceo Harrison, Executive Director of Impact Virginia.

The bus drivers said they appreciated being celebrated for a challenging job.

“It’s wonderful to be appreciated. Just for someone in the community to reach out to us and show appreciation for the job that we do [because] it’s challenging. So it makes you feel real good,” said Angela Kemp, who’s been a bus driver for 25 years.

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