Norfolk State University celebrating sophomore’s life cut short by gun violence

Norfolk State University celebrating sophomore's life cut short by gun violence

NORFOLK, Va. — Norfolk State Spartans are mourning the loss of 20-year-old sophomore Jahari George after he was shot and killed late Saturday night just outside of campus.

Jahari was an engineering student from Maryland, and NSU says he was a shining star in the Spartan family.

“His commanding presence was only eclipsed by his winning personality,” the university said in a statement.


20-year-old NSU student, 14-year-old among victims in weekend Norfolk shootings

5:26 PM, Sep 04, 2023

20-year-old NSU student, 14-year-old among victims in weekend Norfolk shootings

Jahari was a part of many campus organizations, along with acquiring more than 200 hours of community service while in high school working with organizations such as D.C. Central Kitchen, Boys and Girls Club and Avon39, according to the university.

“Today we reflect upon Jahari, who was loved and nurtured by his parents and younger sister, and take time to focus on his impact on the campus community,” NSU said.

Jahari was in many leadership roles while at NSU including serving as the public relations manager for the 2023-2024 Student Government Association. Jahari was also a member of the 2023 Spartans’ Promise to Persist with Purpose (SP3) summer enrichment program, a Presidential Scholar and part of the Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College and National Society for Black Engineers.


While at NSU, Jahari also served as the treasurer for the NSU Swim Club and Media Director for the Student Government Association.

“Jahari George was a goal-oriented person who weaved his passion into everything he did. He was passionate about social justice and loved to delve into intellectual conversations about how to move forward in life,” the university said.

Norfolk State University says they want their campus community and Jahari’s loved ones to use their memories of him as “motivation to strive for excellence in our care for each other and our community.”

The univeristy continued by saying, “His life was destined to be one of greatness, but it was cut short by a senseless act. As Spartans, we must commit ourselves to creating an environment that not only protects each other but also fosters an environment where our students, faculty and staff can thrive.”

Norfolk State University says they will be holding a vigil for Jahari at a later date.

The NSU Counseling Center will be open and offer immediate counseling and support for students who have experienced trauma or distress related to his death, according to the university.

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