Painting the illusion: Meet the brothers behind 3,000 murals

Painting the illusion: Meet the brothers behind 3,000 murals

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Todd Lindbergh of T.A.LENT Murals has been painting murals for about 40 years.

Todd, along with his brother Eric, have done over 3,000 murals.

“I started out in billboards,” Lindbergh said. “Back in the 80s, billboards were hand painted. And so, I got in as an apprentice, and then worked my way up and got to be the lead pictorial artist. And then, after that, ended up starting my own business.”

Their talent has taken them all over the US and even the world.

One of the brother’s latest murals is on the side of the Malbon Brother’s BBQ in Virginia Beach.

“They used to be pig farmers, all this land used to be their farm,” Lindbergh said.

The mural is so realistic it’s almost unbelievable.

“We can fool people a lot of the times where they think they’re seeing something, but really, it’s not there at all. Just to paint an illusion, which is our favorite kind to do,” said Lindbergh. “We also like to do 3-D murals, where they look like as if there may be some busting out of the wall, or you know, but we like the realism the most.”

Lindbergh says a mural this size will usually take one to two weeks, and his favorite time to paint is during the summer.

The Lindberghs stay busy, with some of their other works across Virginia Beach and even in 56 Virginia Beach schools!

“I’ve always had a job. Although I’ve never worked a day in my life. I love what I do and I’m very fortunate, I’ve been blessed, and I hope to do it to the day I die,” Lindbergh said.

The Lindberghs have brought so much art to the area, that other local muralists say that the brothers have been an inspiration to them.

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