Popular apps for kids collecting personal information, report says

Popular apps for kids collecting personal information, report says

Data collection is taking place on popular apps used by kids, according to a report published by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit research organization. 

The “2023 State of Kids’ Privacy” report says 73% of the most popular 200 apps and platforms are monetizing personal information. They are reportedly collecting and sharing data with advertisers and tracking users’ behavior. 

“These apps and online platforms are intentionally misleading consumers about how their data is being used, and in many cases are not being fully transparent about their data collection practices,” said James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media.

The organization has a  that can help adults make more informed decisions about what apps their children can use. For example, the  is marked with a “warning” rating. That means it does not meet the organization’s recommendations for privacy and security practices. It notes that the app collects personal identifiable information and shares it with third parties. 

In an attempt to stop the practice, Common Sense Media advocates for users to push for privacy laws.

“The tech industry can’t be trusted to self-regulate, and they continue to exploit kids’ and families’ data for commercial purposes, all while claiming they want to protect our privacy,” Steyer said.

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