President Biden hosts UK PM for talks on economy, Ukraine and AI

President Biden hosts UK PM for talks on economy, Ukraine and AI

President Biden welcomed UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to the White House on Thursday, where the leaders focused on defense and economic ties and unveiled a new economic agreement. 

 focuses on economic security in the face of threats from China and Russia, and U.S.-UK leadership in emerging technologies like A.I.

“Our economic partnership is an enormous strength – a source of strength that anchors everything that we do together,” President Biden said during a joint press conference with the Prime Minister at the White House.

The staunch supporters of Ukraine reaffirmed their long-term commitment to continued assistance.

“Let no one doubt U.S. leadership and resources are the decisive contribution allowing the forces of democracy and freedom to prevail,” Prime Minister Sunak said during the press conference.

The talks come amid , with Ukraine accusing Russia of destroying a dam, speculation about a , and as NATO allies prepare for the alliance’s summit next month.

The meeting also comes as House Republicans seek to cut spending, but Senate Republican leadership signaled commitment to continuing aid for Ukraine.

“The fact of the matter is that I believe we’ll have the funding necessary to support Ukraine as long as it takes,” President Biden said.

An area of common concern in emerging technology is . The leaders agreed to work together to ensure safe and responsible development of A.I. with Sunak committing to hosting a summit with global partners on A.I. safety.

“Our job as leaders is to ensure that this technological revolution makes us more secure and not less,” he said.

It’s an issue the White House is also prioritizing, looking to balance risks and opportunities.

On Wednesday Sunak also had talks with Congressional leaders on these issues. Outside of his meetings with U.S. leaders, the Prime Minister visited Arlington National Cemetery to pay his respects to fallen soldiers and stopped at Washington Nationals Park.

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