Prosecutors seeking new indictment for Hunter Biden

Prosecutors seeking new indictment for Hunter Biden

Federal prosecutors informed the U.S. District Court for Delaware that they intend to bring a new indictment against Hunter Biden by the end of the month. 

Special counsel David Weiss made the revelation in a status report for the court on Wednesday. 

Weiss did not reveal what charges could be filed against the president’s son.

Hunter Biden was previously charged with failing to pay more than $200,000 in taxes on more than $1.5 million in income back in 2017 and 2018, and with illegally owning a gun at a time during which he was allegedly addicted to drugs.

He agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses and enter into a pretrial diversion agreement for the felony firearms offense. However, that agreement with prosecutors unraveled when the judge in the case raised concerns about the deal. The judge called the deal “confusing” and “not straightforward.”

Hunter Biden ended up . The two parties continued negotiating, but prosecutors eventually informed the court that the talks were at an impasse and the case would likely go to trial. 

Republicans have been using Hunter Biden’s legal troubles against President Joe Biden as he runs for reelection. 

In July,  a transcript of testimony given by Hunter Biden’s business associate Devon Archer. Although Archer shot down allegations of bribery or that then-Vice President Biden had any involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, his testimony claimed that Hunter Biden peddled influence and a family “brand.”

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