Rare alligator sightings being reported in Pennsylvania

Rare alligator sightings being reported in Pennsylvania

Alligators are reportedly being spotted in the Kiski River, which runs through Pennsylvania.

Joshua Kelley told the  that he was kayaking with five others when they came across a gator on Sunday. 

“We were kayaking and saw an animal and thought it was a muskrat, but realized it was an alligator,” he said. 

Alligators are not native to Pennsylvania. According to the , they are centralized in the southeastern part of the country, but can also be found in freshwaters as far north as the Carolinas. 

Kelley said he reported the sighting to authorities so they can try to capture the gator. 

This is the second time an alligator was spotted in the Kiski River in the last month. 

 reports that another alligator, which is believed to be 4 years old, was captured on Aug. 6.  

The alligator, known as “Chomper,” achieved local fame in the areas just outside of Pittsburgh. After an initial sighting, search groups were formed to locate the gator. 

“I was terrified someone was going to shoot him,” Armstrong County humane officer Amber Phillips told the newspaper. “I’m very grateful Chomper is safe.”

Authorities believe the gators were likely dumped in the river.

Chomper has a new home with a reptile rescue organization.

People in the area are encouraged to call 911 if they see any other gators. 

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