Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson remembered at memorial service

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson remembered at memorial service

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A private memorial service was held at Shaw Chapel at Regent University Monday for late religious broadcaster Pat Robertson. He died June 8 at age 93. Robertson was known for turning a small Portsmouth TV station into a successful channel, which led to launching the Christian Broadcasting Network. 

Robertson sampled politics, seeking to become president in the 80s, while founding Operation Blessing and Regent University. 

Those who knew Pat Robertson say he left a legacy, personally and professionally.

“He was a humanitarian. He was a leader, that truly changed not only for America, but truly changed the world. He had a wonderful sense of humor,” said Dr. Doris Gomez, dean of the School of Business and Leadership at Regent University.

“I learned from Dr. Robertson that the sky is the limit when someone fully surrenders their life to serve others,” said Dr. Corné Bekker, dean at Regent University School of Divinity.

“He then carried through on what he was called to do,” said Jeff Westling, chief of staff for Operation Blessing.

Some say his greatest impact was in Virginia.

“It started with a simple vision and thousands of thousands of people have moved to this campus and their lives were changed,” said Andrew Knox, host/VP of 700 Club.

At times Robertson drew criticism for his controversial statements. Those at the service say America didn’t always see the man he was.

“I hope over time those who were not fans of Pat Robertson will come to know what his legacy really meant, helping people around the world. Those here who knew him grieve his loss and celebrate his life too. He was a special guy. He really cared for his staff. He cared for the people like they were family,” added Knox.

Many said the service was full of joy.

“That’s the way Pat would have wanted it. You know, he believed life was joy and he is at a point right now where he is celebrating more than any of us and he wanted everybody else to participate in that too,” said former congressman Randy Forbes.

A procession brought Robertson to a private burial. The location of the cemetery was not released.

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