Richmond mass shooting is latest in string of gun violence across Virginia

Richmond mass shooting is latest in string of gun violence across Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. – According to the Gun Violence Archive, the deadly shooting after a Richmond high school graduation Tuesday is one of 19 mass shootings across the Virginia in the last year. The archive, a not for profit organization, defines a mass shooting as an incident where four or more people are injured or killed by gunfire.

Wednesday, for example, marks the one-year anniversary of a on Maple Avenue that ended in the deaths of four people.

On November 22, 2022, six people died at a when a store manager opened fire in the break room. Several others were injured.

A few weeks earlier, on November 13, 2022, three football players at the University of Virginia were killed when their .

Dr. Kristie Norwood, a psychologist who specializes in , said gun violence can be traumatic even if you’re not directly impacted.

“Anytime we have a stressful experience, even if we’re just constantly hearing about those experiences that were lived by other people, it can impact us,” said Dr. Norwood.

Dr. Norwood said the increases in mass shootings in public places across the Hampton Roads region can spark fear.

“[When you] avoid places that are reminders of the trauma [it essentially] shrinks [your] life,” said Dr. Norwood, who stressed seeking professional mental health help when healthy boundaries become obsessions.

“The challenge is when we stay there […] where we say I’m no longer going to any grocery store every again. I’m no longer going to any movie theater. It’s never safe for me to be around any human being because something traumatic may happen,” said Dr. Norwood. “Over time, it can kind of feel like you’re in a prison because you’re limited to certain spaces.”

Dr. Norwood continued, “If we kind of open it up to the entire world, the number of people that go to grocery stores every day don’t experience that level of trauma.”

“You can ultimately get your life back,” said Dr. Norwood in support of therapy to process complicated emotions following a mass shooting. “You can eventually start to live a life where you may still feel some of those symptoms, but at least you’re not limited by the event or events that have happened.”

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