Tenants of former ‘Seaview Lofts’ apartments vacate once again after fire breaks out

Tenants of former 'Seaview Lofts' apartments vacate once again after fire breaks out

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — There are more problems with the apartment building in Newport News whose tenants were forced to vacate after the building was condemned over a year ago.

City officials say they responded to a small electrical fire at the building, Oceanside Tower, last week. The fire was caused by a contractor working on an electrical panel, according to officials.

Issues with the building, formally known as Seaview Lofts, have been ongoing since it was condemned for not being up to code on July 1, 2022. This left its nearly 200 residents .


Owner of Seaview Lofts apartments seeks rebrand 1 year after building was condemned

In February, the condemnation was lifted, but only four apartments have been released for occupancy by the city.

Following Wednesday’s fire, the building was condemned again due to a lack of power, the city said. The property manager told the city that they’ve made arrangements for current tenants to stay in hotels through Friday, Sept. 8.

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