The White House is deploying another $1.7 billion to improve US buses

The White House is deploying another $1.7 billion to improve US buses

The Biden Administration is taking new steps to put more zero-emission buses on U.S. roadways, and hopes to support more workers and communities in the process.

The Federal Transit Administration, which is part of the Department of Transportation,  for new buses nationwide. Nearly half of the new buses will be zero-emissions models, which the department says will double the number of emissions-free buses nationwide.

On top of the expected emissions and noise pollution reductions, the grants also improve support for the mechanics who keep buses running, with more benefits like childcare funding and training programs to help diesel mechanics re-skill into electric vehicle maintenance.

The White House has put a focus on climate-friendly transit policy, and particularly on public transit.

Monday’s funding announcement is also the second big investment in bus infrastructure under the Inflation Relief Act. The Transportation Department says another $5 billion is planned over the next three years. 

As a whole, federal public transportation programs are eligible for as much as $108 billion from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

And last year, the government  to help school districts nationwide buy 2,500 mostly electric school buses.

Officials say the latest round of funding will make the benefits of transit more equitable.

“These grants will help deliver a cleaner and more modern mode of transportation, designed to reach everyone, and to work for everyone, particularly in places that haven’t received enough resources in the past,” said said FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez.

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