‘There’s ugly people in the world:’ 9 motorcycles stolen from Isle of Wight riding academy

'There's ugly people in the world:' 9 motorcycles stolen from Isle of Wight riding academy

ISLE OF WIGHT, Va. — At , you’ll find a large blue shipping container that, until Aug. 11, had nine training bikes inside.

On Aug. 11, someone or some people ground through the locking mechanism on the shipping container and stole the bikes.

As of Sept. 4, the container was empty but the locks had been upgraded to make the container more secure.

Shekelia Bussey runs the academy, which teaches people how to ride a motorcycle, and was totally devastated to learn about the theft.

“Those motorcycles that they took are the motorcycles that I started with, so we’re talking about eight years of planning and blood, sweat, and tears to buy the motorcycles,” Bussey said.

For some of the graduates of Bussey’s school, the theft makes them both sad and angry.

“It doesn’t make sense that someone would steal from someone who’s breaking ground. I’m only a rider because I took her course simply because she’s a female black instructor,” Shamica Smith said.

“I couldn’t believe somebody as nice and wonderful as who she is, I know there’s ugly people in the world but what she does for the community it’s pretty upsetting,” said Todd Criner.

“I swore never to get on another motorcycle after almost being decapitated as a child. I wanted to ride, started to check with different instructors. Shekelia is the only one who made me feel comfortable, took her time, and got me over the fear of riding,” Duane Kesserling said.

They’re happy to see the support Bussey is getting. People from as far away as Wisconsin have offered bikes and money to help.

On Sept. 5, Bussey planned to head to Wisconsin to pick up four bikes someone offered her.

“To see the bike community come as one to support somebody who does so much for the bike community, it feels good,” Jasmine Gooding, a graduate of the academy, said.

Bussey, too, is thankful.

“It’s important that my school gets back up. Safety is my number one priority,” Bussey emphasized. “I pride myself on what I do for a living because safety, behavior, knowledge is what really saves lives on the road.”

As of Sept. 4, the theft was still under investigation and no arrests had been made.

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