Toddler fatally shooting pregnant mom among many child shootings

Toddler fatally shooting pregnant mom among many child shootings

A pregnant mom was fatally shot by her 2-year-old child last week in Norwalk, Ohio, local police reported. 

Police did not release many details of the shooting or how the child accessed the gun. 

Police said a micro 9-millimeter Sig Sauer firearm and an empty 9-millimeter shell casing were found at the scene. Police said the firearm was found next to the woman.

 the U.S. generally averages about 2,000 unintentional shootings per year. reports that there have been 176 unintentional shootings by children to date in 2023. 

Earlier this week, Kentucky State Police reported that a 7-year-old fatally shot a 5-year-old in a home in Jackson County, Kentucky. 

Earlier this month, the Collierville (Tennessee) Police Department reported that a 3-year-old fatally shot himself after finding a gun. Police said the child found the gun inside of a car. 

 has issued gun safety tips for parents. 

“Some parents believe that hiding their guns will prevent children from accessing them. However, 75% of children who live in homes with guns know where they are stored,” the hospital said. “Parents often believe their child would not touch a gun because “he knows better.” However, studies have found that most children will handle a gun if they find one, even if they have been taught not to.”

The hospital offers the following tips:

– The best way to keep your children safe from guns is to remove all guns from the home. 

– If a gun is in the house, always keep it unloaded and locked. It should be out of reach and sight of children. Keep ammunition and guns locked in separate locations, not together.

– Safety devices, including gun locks, lock boxes and gun safes, should be used for every gun in the house.

– Storage keys and lock combinations should be hidden from children.

– Before visiting friends and relatives, ask if they have guns in their homes. If so, make sure they keep their guns unloaded and locked as well.

– Never leave children unsupervised in a home with a gun.

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