Traveling for July 4th? Here’s when AAA Tidewater says to leave to avoid backups

Traveling for July 4th? Here's when AAA Tidewater says to leave to avoid backups

More Americans are expected to travel for the July 4 long weekend than ever before.

That’s according to numbers from AAA, which forecast more than 50 million leaving their homes for the holiday, a record-breaking number. The agency says 49 million traveled in 2019, the year before the COVID-19 pandemic.

1.35 million travelers are expected to come from Virginia, with the vast majority hitting the roads.

AAA compiled data on the worst and best times to travel from June 29 through July 5:

AAA Tidewater

The Virginia Department of Transportation is also hoping to help travelers get to their destinations as quickly as possible breaking down typical traffic patterns on interstates for the holiday weekend.

For those looking to fly, Norfolk International Airport is asking travelers on departing flights to arrive at least 90 minutes. The airport expects 9,000 alone to depart on Friday, June 30.

AAA Tidewater is also predicting an increase in cruise passengers, which is at least partially driven by a rise in Carnival Cruise departures out of Norfolk, the agency says.

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