Trial begins for Chesapeake man accused of killing ex-wife in garage

Trial begins for Chesapeake man accused of killing ex-wife in garage

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — A murder trial is now underway in Chesapeake surrounding the death of 44-year-old Kathryn Dean.

Police said inside her home on Willow Oak Drive last year on April 4. The family has told News 3 that they believe Wynkoop broke into Sean’s home and shot her six times inside the garage where she worked.

Prior to the start of trial, Wynkoop plead not guilty to seven separate charges related to Dean’s death. His attorneys said Wynkoop was offered plea deals but declined.

The charges include first-degree murder, armed burglary, several firearm charges, and violation of a protective order, which Dean obtained just weeks before she was killed.

The Chesapeake mother called 911 just minutes before she was killed and proceeding Monday’s trial, lawyers went back and forth on if the call should be given to the jury, as listeners can hear Dean being left to die and taking her last breaths.

On that day, police quickly named Wynkoop as a person of interest and arrested him several hours later.

The couple was married for about three years and court documents show there was a history of abuse.

Family members tell News 3 that Dean was kind-hearted and did not deserve what happened to her. She leaves behind two children and three step kids.

Attorneys estimate the trial will take four days and a verdict should be reached by Thursday.

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