Tropical Storm Cindy forms, Bret to dissipate by Sunday

Tropical Storm Cindy forms, Bret to dissipate by Sunday

A newformed in the central tropical Atlantic on Thursday night, making it the third named storm of the season.

Cindy has emerged right behind Tropical Storm Bret, marking a significant occurrence as this would be thethat two Atlantic tropical cyclones have formed in the month of June.

As Cindy progresses northeast into open waters, it’s expected to be a fish storm, which means it’s staying out to sea and maintaining its status as a tropical storm.

As for Bret, the storm brought strong winds and heavy rain to the eastern Caribbean islands, leading to closures mid Thursday and Friday of airports, businesses and schools for safety measures. 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines faced power outages, with around 130 people seeking shelter in government facilities as several structures and homes suffered severe damage. Barbados also reported numerous instances of damage, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency confirmed to the . 

The storm’s center was initially located west of St. Vincent early Friday, moving west, and is now projected to weaken as it goes through the Caribbean. It is expected to dissipate by Sunday.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.

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