VB school board member, conservative group speaks out against LGBTQ resolution

VB school board member, conservative group speaks out against LGBTQ resolution

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Several Virginia Beach parents and the Family Foundation, a conservative group rallied together Tuesday night calling for parental rights to be restored and for Governor Youngkin’s administration to implement the Department of Education’s model policies.

School board member Victoria Manning spoke out, as well.

“We see the destructive nature or ramifications of taking parents out of the equation or giving into a narrative that can have life-long implications,” Manning said.

This comes after the school board to protect LGBTQ students from harassment and discrimination.

“I’m calling on Gov. Youngkin to please have his administration release the updated 2022 model policies this week,” Manning said. “So the policies in place that put children in danger can be changed.”

Several parents and community members held up signs that read “Protect every child.”

Youngkin’s model policies have not gone into effect but would require parental consent for students wishing to change their pronouns. It would also require parents to be notified if a student seeks counseling services pertaining to their gender.

At previous school board meetings, students said the resolution that was passed is needed.

“Being outed by the school system will end lives. I would have killed myself had I been outed before I was ready. This school year, I have been harassed online and physically harassed in bathrooms,” one Virginia Beach student said.

have spoken at previous board meetings.

“When I came out as trans to my parents, I was met with confusion, division and denial. School offered me the opportunity to befriend people who understood me,” another Virginia Beach student said.

One Virginia beach parent of three children says she’s worried.

“We are witnessing the progression of ideology that aim to remove rights and transparency that replace them with overreach and control,” Lindsey Bohon,a parent said.

Youngkin’s administration is still reviewing the model policies. The model policies would have to be approved by the state superintendent before they are put in place.

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