Virginia Beach Navy dad surprises his daughter for her high school graduation

Virginia Beach Navy dad surprises his daughter for her high school graduation

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Green Run High School senior Natalia Torres Toledo said she was fully prepared to walk across the graduation stage without her dad in the audience.

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Natalia Torres Toledo

But she received a pleasant surprise.

She said she anticipated this major milestone to be just another day for her.


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Green Run High School Graduation banner

“I was sad that people had their dads with them, and I couldn’t, and it made me not as excited for graduation,” said Toledo.

Toledo’s father, Hector Torres Reveron serves in the Navy, which requires him to miss some special occasions.

Hector Torres Reveron

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Hector Torres Reveron

As Natalia’s graduation date got closer, Reveron says he needed to deliver some sad news to her.

“It was a heartbreaking thing, because when I told her ‘I’m not going to be at your graduation.’ She cried a lot and that devastated my heart,” said Reveron.

But there was a recent change of plans.

“In my command, they actually allowed me to have this opportunity to come and see her,” explained Reveron.

Reveron said he was working off the west coast when he got the ‘OK’ to go home, and it was a secret kept from Natalia until Wednesday.

The surprise homecoming was all caught on camera.

Graduation surprise

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Hector Torres Reveron surprises his daughter for her graduation.

Reveron said his family has had to make many sacrifices, such as adjusting their schedules to talk to him when he’s working out of state or overseas.

He said distance from his family has made moments like this fonder.

“I’ve been dreaming about this moment her entire life. I’m really proud of her she’s an honor student-I’m pretty proud of a parent,” he said.

For Natalia, that walk across the stage will be remembered forever.

“I’m just so happy he and my mom got to watch me walk across the stage and complete a chapter in my life,” said Toledo.

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